TURBODRY mobile grain dryers

The TURBODRY (AS) series is Strahl Agrimec’s line of dryers that provides direct drying with preheated air inside a combustion chamber coated with highly insulating refractory material, which allows constant temperatures to be maintained and yields very high energy.

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What are the advantages of an Strahl Agrimec mobile TURBODRY grain and seed dryer?


Thanks to the special refractory material coating, the dryer is not subject to heat dissipation, thus optimizing combustion and the treatment itself.

Low consumption

The steel boiler is covered with a layer of refractory material: the temperature remains high, and perfect combustion and consumption savings are guaranteed.


Grains, pulses or seeds are kept in constant movement to ensure they dry evenly and maintain their organoleptic qualities.

Reduced times

The structure of the Strahl Agrimec dryer has been designed to obtain a large exchange surface between the hot air and the grain, and ensures unbeatable drying times.

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