Our mobile grain dryers


Based on the in-depth knowledge of the needs of the agricultural world, our TURBODRY dryers have been designed to be performing, robust products that are easy to clean and maintain.


Our company has always aimed at quality and has designed different solutions, suitable for the different needs that a farm can have. The Agrimec TURBODRY mobile dryers stand out for their size, power, and maximum production capacity, and their construction can be adapted according to specific needs (e.g. unloading or traction).


From the direct experience gained on organic farms and the in-depth studies on the subject, Agrimec has designed the line of BIODRY mobile dryers, which is able to meet the modern needs of the agrifood sector.


Thanks to a special stainless steel exchanger, the combustion air is separated from the drying air, preventing any contact with the grains and, therefore, preserving their organoleptic qualities. The compact structure of the boiler, made of three types of thermal steel to optimize its efficiency, also ensures reduced atmospheric emissions and minimum dispersion of thermal energy.

Why choose an Agrimec mobile grain dryer?

Low operating costs

Possibility of processing different products

Fast processing times

Product dries uniformly

Low maintenance

Reliability over time

Fast return on investment

The main features of Agrimec mobile grain dryers

Power and robustness

Agrimec dryers are suitable for both small and large quantities of product and allow the drying of particular seeds or common products, such as rice or maize.


Agrimec dryers are characterized by their low fuel consumption, offering significant economic savings and a lower environmental impact.


Construction techniques, care, and high-quality materials guarantee low maintenance and the long life of the dryer.

No paperwork

A dryer on wheels, up to a certain heat output of the burners, does not require any building permit or authorization, thus reducing the management costs.

Quantity and variety

These machines, unlike single-cycle machines, can dry both small and large batches of grains, pulses, or seeds.


Switching from one product to another is quick and easy. In addition, the cleaning of the plant requires far less time compared to a fixed dryer.

What can be dried


The most common grain, for which our drying machines are used the most.


A grain known since ancient times, of which there are several types. It is always dried before consumption.

Soya beans

A legume that is massively present in the vegetarian and vegan diet and the drying of which must be meticulous.


Agrimec produces mobile dryers for all types of grains: not only maize, but also rice, wheat, barley, ryegrass and rye.


Agrimec drying machines are also suitable for drying pulses.


The dryers designed by our company can also be used for drying all kinds of seeds.

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Mobile grain dryers

Are you looking for the perfect machine to dry your products?


Choose Agrimec! Our mobile dryers will allow you to:
– consume little fuel, but dry grains, pulses and seeds quickly;
– save on costs and maintenance;
– easily switch from drying one product to drying another.


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