Strahl S.r.l., a single reality for stationary and mobile grain dryers

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Strahl S.r.l., a single reality for stationary and mobile grain dryers

We are specialized in the production of drying machines for various types of cereals, seeds and oilseeds, with the aim of finding innovative solutions to obtain high performances in safety and in full compliance with the most demanding quality standards.

We decided to go a step further, focusing on improving the service and diversifying the machines in order to be able to enhance and satisfy all the different market needs  according to the customer type, the processed product and the geographical location.

With a view to strengthening this path, we inform You that on 1/7/2022, as a result of a merger by incorporation, we have combined the experiences of our companies into a single structure. The mobile grain dryers of Agrimec S.r.l. and the stationary grain dryers of Officine Minute S.r.l. flow into a single reality: STRAHL S.r.l.

This maneuver will allow us to expand our offer and our strength on the markets, putting our technologies at the service of everybody, eliminating any waste and introducing more effective and innovative solutions for energy saving and environmental protection. In this way we will be able to support, in the most appropriate way, all types of customers, from the smallest farm to the largest food-industries, providing everyone with a punctual and highly experienced service.

A step that will make us unique with a wide and advanced  offer and ready to accompany all the users both in our country and in the rest of the world.

Thank you