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the Agrimec mobile grain dryers

Agrimec, a company of the Strahl group, is the first Italian manufacturer of mobile or batch grain dryers. Since 1968 it has always dealt with the drying process of grains, pulses, and seeds, becoming a leading company in the agro-technical sector thanks to the excellent perfomance of its products.

Why choose our mobile grain dryers?

Thanks to the direct experience gained by managing agricultural farms, Agrimec has been developing and manufacturing mobile dryers for more than 50 years. These products have become top products in the market.


These are the main reasons why we have chosen the market of mobile dryers rather than the market of fixed dryers:

Drying speed

Highly reduced consumptions

Great robustness and reliability over time

Easy maintenance

Quick changeover from drying one type of grain to another

What can be dried?








Years of experience


Markets served


Dryers produced

Why dry grains?

When harvested, grains naturally contain a high percentage of humidity which prevents them from being stored and can damage the entire batch. The drying process serves exactly to overcome this problem: it reduces the relative humidity level in order to prepare the grains for the subsequent stages of processing, thus avoiding the risk of fermentation and the formation of parasites, moulds and other micro-organisms.

Product quality

Treating your agricultural products correctly is the first essential step towards food safety.


Dried and properly ventilated products can be stored for a very long time.

Maximum yield

Freshly harvested grains inside the dryer are dried in a few hours and made available for further processing, without the risk of grain losses.

Unity is strength: Esfor, the historical brand of the company Agrimec.

Mobile grain dryers

Are you looking for the perfect machine to dry your products?


Choose Agrimec! Our mobile dryers will allow you to:
– consume little fuel, but dry grains, pulses and seeds quickly;
– save on costs and maintenance;
– easily switch from drying one product to drying another.


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